How to Set Up an Open House for the Best Results

An open house event is an essential part of attracting buyers to your home. Figuring out how to set a successful open house can help you to get offers quickly.

Staging your home is only the first step to setting up a successful open house. There are many important aspects that you must take care of to get the best results from your open house. Here’s how you can set up an open house for the best results while working with your real estate agent.

An open house is a major event for any homeowner that is trying to sell. If you are considering hosting an open house for your home, you should work with your real estate agent closely to develop a plan. Open houses require careful planning to be successful. You may have to plan ahead to make sure that you, your family and your pets are out of the home during the time in which your home is being shown.

You may also be asked by your real estate agent to take other preparatory steps, including staging your home and removing your personal items. These tasks can require significant time. which is why it is so important to get organized and have a plan.

You should also expect that the open house will become the talk of the neighborhood and nosy neighbors may even come by to check it out. Hosting an open house is a lot of work, but at the end of the day you just might end up with great offers on your home as the results of working with your real estate agent to put on an open house.

Attract Prospective Buyers

Open houses are designed to attract potential buyers and are one of the top tools that real estate agents use to generate offers for your home. A well-planned open house that is organized and executed on schedule can help to guarantee a successful sale of your home.

“It’s a great tool to create a sense of urgency,” says broker-owner Martin Kalisker, e-PRO®. “It creates sort of a feeding frenzy. If your clients are interested and see that other people are interested too, it gets them off the fence.”

As you plan your open house, talk to your real estate agent and find out what you need to do to prepare. In some cases, you may simply be asked to leave the home while professional home stagers get it ready to be shown. If you are on a budget, your real estate agent may recommend that you do a thorough cleaning followed by the removal of your personal effects.

Don’t Forget About Signage

An open house is not only intended to showcase the home, the goal is to get serious inquiries from buyers. Your real estate agent will create flyers, brochures and other giveaways to buyers to keep them interested in your home and the agency after they leave.

Prominent signage is also important for advertising the open house to neighbors in the area. By creating the right signage, your real estate agent can help to attract plenty of interest in your home and will let others know that your home is available for sale so that the word spreads.

Create a Neutral Appearance

Home staging is all about the buyer. When buyers come to your home they want to envision themselves living in your home. Therefore, home staging that creates a neutral appearance is highly recommended for appealing to potential homebuyers. This can be done by painting the walls neutral colors and updating the furniture so that it is modern, yet minimal.

By creating a neutral appearance in your home, you can also increase the number of buyers that might be interested in making serious offers on your home. It is difficult to imagine that the your personal effects may turn-off a potential buyer from your home. However, the threat is there and you want to do everything possible to eliminate minute factors, such as the décor, that could potentially sway the opinion of a potential buyer.

Leave During the Open House

Leaving during an open house is standard practice. If you have selected a real estate agent to represent your property, you should have confidence that the real estate agent can sell your property to potential buyers.

“Very rarely does it work out for the buyers and sellers to meet in advance,” says Joan Pratt, real estate broker with RE/MAX Professionals in Castle Pines, Colo. And from a practical standpoint, “when buyers are walking through an open house, they want some anonymity. And with the homeowners there, they can’t speak freely. And they can’t speak to each other.”

Buyers are seldom interested in meeting the homeowner. By interfering in this delicate process, you could cause your home to lose potential buyers. You may also come across to your real estate agent as a difficult seller to work with, which is not something that works in your favor.

If you have concerns about buyers rifling through your personal things while you are away, talk with your real estate agent about how you can reduce this risk. By removing as many of your personal items from your home before putting your home on the market, you won’t have to worry about this at all.