Whatever I do, I put my heart and soul into it. I simply don’t believe in anything less than my best effort. A passionate approach is the key to success.

Heart & Soul: For Denise Verburg, it’s the Key to Success.

A dedicated wife and mother of two, Denise loves any opportunity to support her kids sports and interests.

A dedicated wife and mother of two, Denise loves any opportunity to support her kids sports and interests.

Denise Verburg’s biggest satisfaction in life is knowing that she instilled in her two children the same burning passion to excel that has propelled her to great success in every facet of her life. Indeed, Denise’s own path — London native who moved to Paris after high school, worked as an au pair, immersed herself in the French culture and language (she’s fluent in French), followed by her return home to earn her Bachelor’s of Science (Hons) degree in European Business Studies — is a case study in how a passionate approach to life can be so enriching and rewarding.

That’s why it’s especially poignant for Denise to watch her son, Elliot, carve out his own path to excellence. He is a competitive ice dancer whose long hours of practice have resulted in he and his partner achieving great success both nationally and internationally. Denise is proud of his accomplishments and goals, which include lofty Olympic aspirations. But of all the accolades and awards, Elliot earning a spot on Great Britain’s Junior Grand Prix team was truly moving for Denise; it brought the whole family back to its British roots as well as offering opportunities for all to travel—a passion that Denise has also instilled in her children.

Denise’s daughter, Olivia, is on her way to mapping out her unique path to excellence, as well. Olivia is using ballet slippers instead of ice skates, but the same trademark drive to excel and the complete immersion in her craft makes Denise equally proud. Seeing both her children embrace the same approach to life that has made Denise so successful is a dream come true.


Growing up, Denise had pursued her dreams of seeing the world and applied herself to turning her European Business Studies degree into a prestigious job as a financial analyst with a major European investment bank. There, she honed the business sense, analytical attention to detail and creative problem solving skills that would prove invaluable in her later endeavors. After years in the financial industry, Denise and her husband, Shane, decided to make a bold move back to Shane’s native United States. True to her nature, Denise was anxious to build on her multicultural experiences, and Washington, D.C. was the perfect fit. Her passion for this unique cosmopolitan area still grows stronger each day. This mother of two is grateful to raise her children in a city that offers a truly international perspective.


Denise is known for her creative problem-solving skills. It helps ensure your move runs smoothly.

Denise is known for her creative problem-solving skills. It helps ensure your move runs smoothly.

While her corporate career continued to flourish, Denise longed to work more closely with people. Utilizing her background in finance and marketing, she pursued a career in real estate and quickly built a reputation for exceeding expectations. By applying her extraordinary analytical skills, her meticulous approach and her cutting-edge business strategies gained from years in the corporate world, Denise is able to ensure no detail is overlooked during your important move.

It is Denise’s unique blend of business savvy and unwavering passion to see her clients succeed that enables her to distinguish herself in the competitive world of real estate. With over a decade’s experience she is consistently a top producer and has earned her place in the top 1% of real estate agents nationwide. You see, when you work with Denise, you benefit from her global perspective and international connections. Her vast experience and unsurpassed expertise balance perfectly with her enthusiasm, initiative and genuine commitment to helping you achieve your goals. Denise is also proud to have helped so many in the ice skating community with their important real estate goals. It always gives her a special sense of personal gratification.


So if you’re in the market to buy or sell a home in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, don’t settle. Turn to a professional known for Passionately Pursuing Your Success. Make the most of your real estate opportunities and call Denise Verburg today.